Ricco Bambino

Ricco Bambino is a micro boutique urban winery located in beautiful downtown Kelowna producing small lot, natural wines.

Our electric wines are single varietal offerings made without the additions of commercial yeasts are unfiltered and unfined, aged in concrete tanks and contain minimal to zero additions of SO2. We believe that this is the only way to produce authentic terroir driven wines that captures a certain time in place for you to enjoy. Nothing added Nothing taken away... 

Ricco Bambino is proud to be one of the very few wineries that solely uses unlined concrete tanks to age a majority of our wines. This process plays an important role in crafting the natural wine we love.  Concrete aging allows the wines to breath and develop a rounder mouth, textural feel without the addition of any unwanted flavors imparted by the use of oak or additives.

Each fall we carefully hand harvest our grapes from four vineyards located in the South Okanagan.  The whole cluster grapes then head into our state of the art concrete and stainless-steel tanks to allow for the transition from grapes to wine. The fermentation commences with nothing more than the wild yeast that occur within the vineyard. This process is somewhat risky; however, it’s the only way to produce living wines that reflect the area where the grapes were grown.

Ricco Bambino wine are available exclusively through our downtown winery or website shop

Come for a Taste - Stay for a glass - Leave with a bottle.


 After living abroad in Australia for 20 + years i fell in love with natural wine. I decided it was time to sell my Sydney based company and move back to the Okanagan and pursue a lifelong dream. Shortly after arriving home I put my home up for sale, sold my cars and took all of my savings and embarked on the biggest project of my life. I did so against many people’s recommendations but hearing the warnings only made me more determined. The overwhelming urge was fuelled by my desire to create a winery making honest wine using minimal to zero additions with 100% transparency in its vinification... a surprisingly unique approach I learnt. Ricco Bambino is more than a winery, it’s a platform to launch this passion and craft living wine that is known around the world and express our dedication to this belief. I hope you enjoy our wine as much as I do.

- Jason Alton / Founder 



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