Rosé Magnum

Rosé Magnum

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This dreamy Rose made of 100% Cabernet Franc is both complex and serious.  Each mouth-watering sip full of field strawberries entertains savoury aromatics and a kick of dry spice to offer a Rose unlike any other.

100% Organic Cabernet Franc grown in eolian veneer over glacial till in the South Okanagan. Wild Ferment in stainless steel for aromatic retention. This savoury rosé is an exceptional representation of land and a light hand. Through Matt Dumayne's practice of restraint, perfection is achieved. Enjoy now or cellar for a few years.

BRIX/22.5 PH/3.42 TA/7.1 RS/3.2 VA/0.47 ALC/12 TS02/75 FS02/25

50 cases produced

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